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Hi Parents,

Be aware that there has been some favorable changes to the deductions you could claim as child care expenses, please see the example below and consult you Income Tax preparer to find out how you could benefit;

Example: A married couple has 2 children under the age of age 13 and both work. One spouse makes $25,000 and the other makes $18,000. They have no other income, so their AGI is $43,000 ($25,000 + $18,000)—under the AGI phaseout threshold of $125,000. During the year, they incurred $14,000 in childcare expenses for their 2 children. The maximum expenses allowed are $18,000, but in this example, we are limited to the $18,000 of expenses or the working income of the lowest-earning spouse, which is $14,000. Thus, we must use $14,000 as the expense amount. Child care for this couple costs $7,000 ($14,000 x 50%).


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LYA will keep the COVID-19 safety schedule in place until further notice. We are open from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.

School Year 2020-21,

At LYA we appreciate the strong support and trust that our community has been showing us. We understand the challenges that our parents are experiencing while we also recognize the worries they have. Our safety measures are working and LYA is ready for this 2020/21 school year!!! We accept the challenges and we are moving forward. To help our families, we will be implementing special offers during the month of August; (discounted weekly tuition and free enrollment). Please note that these offers will be subject to availability of space, which will consequently be limited compared to the capacity before COVID.

Important Dates;

**VPK Class 2020-21 registration has already started. Interested parents must print and submit the VPK voucher ASAP. 

**Before and After School Services;  We have some limited spots in the following schools: (please note that our services are being reviewed based on our community needs)

Altamonte Elementary

Lake Orienta Elementary

Forest City Elementary

Spring Lake Elementary

Contact us to learn about these services.

LYA Mgmt..



COVID-( Alert #5 05/16/20; Reopening on Monday, June 1st 2020)

Dear Parents and interested public,

Thank you for your patience and support. LYA will be resuming operations on Monday, June 1st, 2020. We will be implementing and exceeding safety guidelines issued by the DCF, CDC and ELC. We will send an email with more details during the week of 05/18/2020.

Stay safe.

Dear Parents,(COVID-19 Alert #4)

We hope this email finds you all well. So far, 77% of the parents who answered our survey prefer a delayed opening until June 1st or later. As of today, 5/01/20 we are considering 6/01/20 as our reopening date. However, we encourage the rest of the parents to complete the survey, it is just 3 simple questions;

1. Name of your child
2. Do you need our services?
3. Preferred date for reopening; 5/18/20, 6/01/20 or 7/06/20 and comments.

Here is the link to it.


FYI, we are adding temporary security measures such as smaller ratios in our classrooms (10 total per classroom), temperature check on the main door and special air filtering in each classroom. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you so much and please stay safe!

Estimados Padres,

Esperamos que ustedes y sus familias se encuentren bien. Recientemente le enviamos una encuesta con 3 preguntas para así determinar una fecha de reapertura. La gran mayoria, 77%, prefieren una fecha para el 1ero de junio o mas tarde. Hasta el momento luce que abriremos el 1ero de junio. Le exhortamos a contestar esta encuesta o devolvernos este email con su respuesta;

1. nombre del niño.
2. necesita nuestros servicios?
3. que fecha prefiere para reapertura; 5/18/20,6/01/20,7/06/20, comentarios.

Para su información estamos añadiendo medidas de seguridad tales como, verificacion de temperaturas en la puerta, salones de un máximo de 10 personas y filtros de aire especiales en cada salon. Sugerencias y comentarios son bienvenidos.

Gracias y por favor manténganse seguros.

LYA Mgmt.