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The Philosophy at Light Years Ahead Day Care Center

At Light Years, we believe that children learn through being, doing, feeling and thinking. We provide healthy physical care in a friendly, challenging and learning environment through the leadership of trained, competent, responsible adults. All areas of development are considered vital; physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual. We work to be inclusive of each child’s unique needs and rate of development by offering appropriate opportunities to stimulate growth and development for each child at each age level. Our center curriculum helps children to become aware of the world’s rich diversity. You can find more information about our curriculum, High Reach, in their site www.highreach.com . Our program also provides materials and experiences to teach children to be respectful and appreciative of differences among cultures, heritages, genders and levels of ability.

Our Goals at Light Years Ahead Day Care Center

1. To provide care for toddlers in a warm, affectionate way that acknowledges and reflects the unique character of each child.

To meet this goal we will provide the physical affection and cuddling that is so important at this stage of development. Our caregivers will work to meet each child’s physical needs completely while they are in our care. Toddlers will have opportunities to explore and interact socially and to learn through a wide variety of daily activities designed to stimulate the senses, recognizing that children of this age learn through their eyes, ears, fingers, sense of taste, smell and through whole body movements. We will keep group size small to prevent over-stimulation and to promote safety and one on one interaction between children and staff. We will provide opportunities for the development of large and small muscle skills both indoors and outdoors. We will encourage parents to be involved with daily open and honest communication in order to promote consistency between the center and the home.

2. To provide a two year old program that stimulates communication skills and language development.

To meet this goal we will read and tell many stories and nursery rhymes, sing songs and teach finger plays. We will continue to encourage the children to explore their world through the use of their five senses through active participation in daily learning activities. We will teach our two year olds self-help skills such as beginning to wash their own hands, potty training, button and zip, etc. We will provide many gross and fine motor activities that improve body control. We will introduce color recognition.

3. To provide a strong readiness program for the three to five year olds that addresses physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. 

To meet this goal we will continue to promote three to five year olds’ oral language development and encourage their social interaction with each other. We will give them opportunities to work more independently, to care for themselves and their own belongings and to develop self-motivation. We will encourage these areas of learning through music, literature and interaction with peers and adults. We will promote small muscle control through the use of more complex puzzles, lacing, gluing, and scissors activities. We will expand large muscle development by movement activities such as jumping, hooping and changing direction levels. We will provide opportunities for more involved music and dramatic play activities. We will work on mathematical concepts such as more/less. Big/small, etc., as well as activities to develop sequencing, classification and patterning skills. We will encourage each child to explore their world through art, cooking, social and dramatic play, and indoor and outdoor physical activities.

4. To provide a fun, relaxing, loving before and after school / enrichment environment that meets the physical, social and emotional needs of schools agers.

To meet this goal we will establish an atmosphere of self-respect, respect for each other and respect for equipment and materials in our after school and enrichment programs. We will present clear expectations and boundaries to help a child develop self-control. We will provide opportunities that encourage independence and responsibility through self-selected and self-directed individualized activities. We will provide diverse and interacting age-appropriate materials and experiences designed to engage and involve school agers, we will teach children how to address and express their feelings safely by showing them appropriate and effective alternatives to aggressive acting out behavior. We will develop cooperative social behavior through games and activities that focus on participating and functioning well in a group.